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Information about el nasr parquet flooring Tarek Fouad since 1987

EL NASR PARQUET founded in 1987, to work with the best quality of natural wood parquet flooring in the world. All of our production follows a distinctive computerized kiln dried program, this process is available with the combination of today's European state of art equipment and specially designed computer programs; this combination allows us to have a better service of the international demand for high quality. After years of research, we now have better control over the tendency of high tension & stress present in most of the tropical hard wood species. We stand for quality and we are the leaders in all the different market served.

How to choose your parquet flooring?

"Mr. Tarek Fouad" advice :-
After a long experience in only one field (parquet) I have the prefect advice to help you choose your parquet flooring. Natural wood parquet, is a natural substance that interacts with the environment surrounding it and always holds its quality and adds luxury going on over years. Don't judge from the sample, because of the thousands of pieces in your house, but you must judge in a more realistic way, make sure of the type of wood, as there are different types of wood parquet similar in form but much different in substance in terms of resistance, quality, retention properties and therefore the continuity of luxury, thus they vary in price levels. Be aware that the same species have different levels and degrees of quality and sort and that each class vary in price. Make sure of the source of manufacturer, as the manufacturing of cutting, sorting, milling, processing and drying are the most important characteristics of parquet. There are small shops and large factories on a domestic level of production, on the other hand there are manufacturing specialists in fully imported parquet in their country origin, which makes the difference in price. Make sure of the thickness of the parquet as it reflects the degree of endurance and durability of the parquet and thus in the price. Make sure that the source that you made an agreement with is responsible and meets your requests at any time and even after execution. We have been working in the field of parquet flooring for a long time and we have skilled level of installation technicians. Make sure of the name and the place, as El Nasr Parquet that means confidence, quality, excellence and specialization.